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I have been absent here for a bit; my apologies. In that time I have learned a lot about myself, and also about others. Bear in mind when reading my musings on this site that I do not consider myself to some kind of Svengali or all-knowing, all-seeing entity where recovery is concerned. I am just one humble narrator, out of a multitude of narrators conveying my perceptions on recovery.

Thanks for stopping by. I started this site because I am tired of being told “You can’t” do this and “You can’t” do that. This site is about overcoming our difficulties and obstacles, and continuing to reach our goals. Obstacles overcome can be coming back from an accident, divorce, abusive relationship, being raised in a dysfunctional family, addiction(s), job loss … whatever.

As of today, I am clean & sober almost 28 years. I have overcome childhood physical and learning disabilities. I grew up in a home where there was extreme verbal abuse, occasional physical abuse, and I was told I would not amount to much. I was always in a mess at school and had few, if any friends. I was well read and smart but always in trouble. I was bored with classes because I was usually ahead of where they were so I would liven things up. During this period I did teach myself how to draw and paint and I am still doing that today.

Four days after graduating High School, I was at Basic Training Camp in the Army. During the course of my 20 years active duty service I earned a college degree and a Black Belt. I traveled the world and experienced many of its amazing wonders. I was also married and divorced twice, went to rehab and got sober, survived a fire, and got myself together enough to retire at the rank I had wanted to retire at when I entered the service. I was entrusted with the mentoring, safeguarding, and care of hundreds of soldiers and their families. I was fortunate enough to influence a lot of people’s lives in a positive way.

Since leaving the service I became a Microsoft MCSE, then moved on to UNIX, Linux, and now MACs. I taught myself Photoshop, how to write and blog, and I am currently learning Social Media Management. I am also learning guitar and can be heard mangling the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In December of 2011 I was laid off from a job I held for four years where I worked four positions concurrently (Purchasing Specialist/Receiving Clerk/Accounts Payable Specialist/Graphic Artist & Photographer). I am now looking for another employment opportunity. Hopefully, I will find something soon.

One of the benefits of sobriety is that I have discovered a few things about myself. During rehab and recovery I found that I have a talent for public speaking (which I later used to my advantage as an instructor and trainer in the military and private sector). Another benefit is that I have been able to face demons from my past and honestly asses my abilities and shortcomings. Other benefits are that I no longer let detractors of my goals and dreams live rent free in my head. I do not allow haters to ruin my day either. No one says I can’t because I can do anything I set my mind to doing. Yes, I still have issues that I work on, but I do not approach them from a position of shame or fear anymore. For someone who was told I wouldn’t amount to much, I have done fairly well. I am married to wife number three, who knows me and loves me anyway. (And she is awesome!!!). We are living in our dream house (not living large mind you, but living). Every day is a new adventure and chance to be a better me and get that much closer to my dream. The best thing is that I have been able to give back by helping others whether with Social Media needs, recovery issues, moral support, or achieving their dreams.

This site is about discussing us chasing our dreams by making ourselves better, believing in ourselves, and not letting our shortcomings and fears rule our psyche. Join the conversation!

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