Learning To Let Go …

let go or be dragged

One key to a good recovery is freedom from our past.

We can take experience gained and lessons learned, and file them away.

If we have some good memories in the past, we can file those away as well.

What we can not do, and should not do, is constantly second guess ourselves about decisions we made.

What’s done is done, and if amends are required (and possible without causing harm to others), we should attend to that when we are ready to do so.

As people in recovery, we have a tendency to beat ourselves up over past mistakes, which really serves no purpose.

If we live in our past constantly, how the hell can we expect to move forward in our lives and grow in our recovery?

We can not let fear and/or the voices of our own demons and detractors (or abusers) keep us mired in things we can not change.

Letting go does not mean we have forgotten; it does not mean we don’t care.

Letting go means we are growing, evolving, and moving on.

Hopefully, we are making progress.

Have you learned to let go yet, or are you still coddling your past?

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