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New Year, Better Me In 2013


-- Image ©Barry Kerzner 2001, 2012 --

— Image ©Barry Kerzner 2001, 2012 —

For me in 2013:

1. No more drama!

2. If you don’t enrich my life (spiritually, mentally, educationally); if you cannot be my friend because you accept me as I am,faults and all, you are gone. I refuse to carry any dead weight on my back for another year!

3. Endeavor to improve my writing skills!

4. Secure a job I WANT to actually be doing!

5. Continue to work a good, healthy program.

6. Continue to let my friends know that I value their friendship.

7. Not be silenced, subjugated, bullied, or forced into political submission by/to the forces of evil.

8. Do what I can to improve the lot of my fellow mankind.

9. My abilities have value and I will act accordingly.

10. I will NOT listen to ANY “auto tune” produced music.

**** When Jimmy Page tours this year, I WILL be there! *****