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When You Write …

"Free Your Mind"-- Image ©Kerzner 2012 --

“Free Your Mind”
— Image ©Kerzner 2012 —


When you write, it comes in waves.

Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t.

Some days it flows uncontrollably; so much so, you can hardly keep up with yourself!

Sometimes it says what you want, sometimes not.

Sometimes, we play hide-and-seek with ourselves too.

When you write just for YOU, that’s the best!

It’s raw and uncensored.

It’s all the things your right brain has been hiding from your left brain.

It’s the “Wow” instead of the “How.”

Best example: Check out Lenard Cohen’s “The Famous Blue Raincoat”

Did he write this for us or himself?

Do we know?

Do we really care?

So: Just write, dammit!